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Slot machines: major myths

According to many fans of slots, there are so many different algorithms to win remarkable slots that it is simply impossible to lose in them. It is known that the algorithm of gambling programs is set up so that sooner or later it will give a certain percentage to win. Research statistics tell us about the most common bikes of avid gamers.

  1. If the slot for a long time did not give to win, then he was about to burst, and will definitely give to break a big score. Contrary to this statement, we can say that most slots can give after a big win, even a larger piece, up to the jackpot. But then, as a rule, huge holes without winning combinations follow. It all depends on the percentage of winnings that the machine is set up for.
  2. Knowing the nature of the machine, you can guess the moment of winning. Remember the only opponent in front of you is a random number generator, and what it will slip at any given time, no one knows. There are no regularities in revealing the nature of the game, each time it is formed chaotically.
  3. Another myth about the fallen combinations close to the jackpot says that the next will be his own. When a losing combination falls out, it does not tell you that the next one will be a double loser. After losing most of the users hope for the next win, because that's how it is.
  4. The more you bet, the closer the jackpot will be. Nonsense, which is confirmed by the huge statistics of players. Winning a big kush does not depend on the amount of money on the balance, and it is all about the GSC, and how it will behave, no one knows. Winnings are always formed in a chaotic manner.
  5. There are online slots with a tweaked winnings, which allows players to always win. And, then, how does the casino profit? In the USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe, the winning percentage is set by policy, but how in the CIS - not many people know.

And remember: you play to win, not to discuss it. Only personal gambling experience will give you answers to many questions.